ATV Training Course

At Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch

and Mandan Scout Camp


Santa Fe Trail Council will now be offering the ATV Safety Institute Ridercourse to scouts within the council as well as the general public.  The ATV Ridercourse is a hands-on learning experience, with particular emphasis on the safety implications relating to each lesson.  The course also covers protective gear, environmental concerns, local laws and safety techniques.  The training includes pre-ride inspections, starting and stopping, turning (gradual and quick), hills (stopping, u-turns, traversing), emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles. 


ATV’s are fun as well as functional.  They are used in all types of off-highway applications such as farming, military activities, police patrolling, racing, and recreational riding.  Being responsible, using common sense and practicing important skills are all important ingredients in making ATV riding more rewarding.


Scouts or Venturers must be age 14 or older to drive an ATV, and the program requires youth and adults to wear long pants, long-sleeve shirts and over-the-ankle boots.


ATV Training Course

At Mandan Scout Camp

September 27 & 28 2014 and April 18 & 19 2015

Each day the ATV Ridercourse is offered at two different sessions AM or PM, that’s two courses per day! 

Classes will start on time, do not be late! 


Please contact the Council Service Center at (620) 275-5162 for more information and to sign up!  And sign up early, classes are limited size!!


The Following Forms MUST be filled out by ALL YOUTH with Parent/Guardian Signatures before attending the course:


Mandan Scout Camp ATV Program Flyer


SPSR Ridercourse Waiver Forms


Mandan Scout Camp Ridercourse Waiver Forms