Santa Fe Trail Council Staff

The executive staff are paid employees of the council. The Scout Executive is hired by the council executive board who in turn hires the executive staff to carry out the Council's program.
Executive Staff
Scout Executive – Michael Stewart 620-275-5162 office or 620-521-1627cell


Senior District Executive- Vacant


District Executive- Vacant


District Executive – Alan Watson 620-275-5162 office or 620-521-5106 cell
Operation Staff
The Operation staff are paid employees of the Council.  These employees work behind the scenes and provide the ever important support services to the Council.


Office Manager –Julie Scully– 620-275-5162 office

Registrar – Vanessa Tiede or 620-275-5162 office


*Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch Properties                                    Manager/Ranger - Kevin Knoll - 620-287-0957 or 


*Mandan Scout Camp & Training Center-  For Availability Contact:  Council Service Center 620-275-5162 or                                          Kevin Knoll  620-287-0957  or

Santa Fe Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America
402 E. Fulton St.
Garden City, Kansas 67846
620-275-5162 office 1-888-316-5162- 620-275-6508 fax
Hours: M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch                   Mandan Scout Camp 
16040 County Road 340                           11639 Garnett
Walsenburg, CO 81089                             Wright, Kansas 67882
719-738-9936                                      620-275-5162 office