Council Leadership



The governing body is called the "Council". It is made up of "Chartered Organization Representatives" who represent each chartering partner organization.  Also "Members at Large" are elected annually to the Council. The Council meets once a year at its Annual Business Meeting to conduct the business of the corporation and to elect members and officers. Special meetings may be called to handle other business.



Santa Fe Trail Council Key 3

Mark Goudy, Council President

Larry Unsworth, Council Commissioner

Michael Stewart, Scout Executive/CEO


Santa Fe Trail Council Executive Committee

Victor Hawkins - Past President

 Craig Hay – Treasurer

 Dave Snapp - Legal Counsel

Gerald Vogel -VP-Endowment

Jim Douglass -VP-Program

Wade Selfridge -VP-Camping

Dr.Steve Karlin - VP-Membership

 Dr. Ron Catanese VP-Finance

Gordon Jenkins- VP-Marketing

Sterling Hall - Trust Committee Chairman


Santa Fe Trail Council Executive Board Members

Ted Bansemer, Dr. Layne Dameron, Wendy Dunagan, Bill Ermann, Pat Fellhoelter, Lorna Ford, Ed Fuller, Richard Gier, Ronda Gooch, Tracy Henry, Joyce Huddleston, Kirk Hutchinson, Gaylen Kerr, Harley Kruse, Dr. Karen Nonhof, Erick Nordling, Ray Ridgeway, Jr, Matt Steel, Dr. Ken Trzaska, Jared Wagenseller, Tom Willis