Unit and District Tools Phase I


Replacing MyScouting.org with Unit and District Tools is the first step in moving toward a more user-friendly, self service oriented BSA. This new website will be the first piece in the new Membership database that is currently being built. Similar to MyScouting.org, Unit Tools will eventually give unit leaders, volunteers, parents, Scouts, etc., the opportunity to create a profile, take/track training, perform rechartering, maintain advancement, plan activities, and more. In addition to the previously mentioned items, the new Unit and District Tools application will also give the unit Key 3 the ability to log in, set up the administration function (to grant administration access to three additional registered leaders), access their rosters, assign people into dens and patrols, and perform attendance tracking.


The new website to be used for accessing Unit Tools will be my.scouting.org (note the extra period between “my” and “scouting”). Not to worry though, the old myscouting.org will continue to be accessible (and will still demonstrate the same features) until the new Membership system is completely built.

Unit Tools will be released in multiple phases. Phase I (set for release this summer) will include the basic items, while Phase II (set for release later this fall) will include more detailed, position-oriented items. The release of the other phases will be relayed at a later time.


The new features that will be introduced in Phase 1 for units are the following:


  • My.Scouting new account creation: Expands beyond members to include non-members

  • Person Profile: Allows updating of contact fields in membership record (excluding name and birth date)

  • Security Administration: The unit Key 3 (unit leader, committee chairman, chartered organization representative) will have full administration on all unit-modifiable fields

  • Unit Access: All unit registered adults will have read-only access to rosters, calendars, announcements, etc.

  • Unit and District Calendar: Ability to publish calendar events for respective viewing by organization-specific adult leaders/volunteers

  • Unit and District Announcements: Ability to publish important information for respective viewing by organization-specific adult leaders/volunteers

  • Unit Roster: Unit roster will be made available on my.scouting.org


The new features that will be introduced in Phase 1 for districts are the following:


  • My.Scouting.org new account creation: (Same as above)

  • Person Profile: (Same as above)

  • Security Administration–District: The Key 3 (district chairman, district commissioner, district executive and professional management staff) will have full administration on all district-modifiable fields.

  • Unit and District Calendars: (Same as above)

  • Unit and District Announcements: (Same as above)

  • District Roster: District roster will be made available on my.scouting.org.


Another communication will be sent out soon communicating the features that will be made available for units and districts during the fall rollout of Unit Tools. If you have any questions about what will be made available in Phase I of the Unit Tools rollout, please call Michael Stewart Scout Executive ,Scouting software easier for volunteers and employees alike is the primary goal of the team behind the creation of Unit Tools.