3 Ways to Give

Wisdom - Knowledge or Skills

Do you have a skill, knowledge, or time to assist with a work weekend at one of our properties?  

Willingness - Time

One of the nation’s most prominent values-based youth development organizations.  Programs for building character, training in the responsibilities of citizenship and developing personal fitness.

Furthering the Scouting experience is the promise that these young people will be able to give back to their community. As a continued dedication to always “help other people,” these young men from an early age are encouraged to make a difference in the communities in which they live. Whether it is through restoring the environment or making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate, Scouts are stepping up, proving that the positive outcomes they receive from Scouting benefit others. 

Adult Scouters have an opportunity to give three ways to support Scouting within Santa Fe Trail Council by giving Willingness (time); Wisdom (knowledge or skills); Wealth (financial gift). There is a link to accomplish Giving to Scouting on a monthly, or quarterly or annual time frame for adults.