Santa Fe Trail – Key 4

Dr. Ron Catanese

Council President

Paul Doi

Council Commissioner

Rhonda Alexander

VP Administration

David Snapp

Past Council President

Dear Scouting Leader:

The council’s mission is to make sure that Scouting Unit meetings are fun with outdoor opportunities that are fun and meaningful.  If we get this right, then the program continues to grow by youth staying longer in the program and new youth joining throughout the year.

Scouting provides youth with a sense they are important as individuals.  It is communicated to them that our program supporters care about what happens to them, regardless of whether a game is won or lost. Perhaps most importantly, Scouting promotes activities leading to personal responsibility and high self-esteem.  As a result, when hard decisions have to be made, peer pressure can be resisted, and the right choices can be made.

The programs of the BSA are designed to incorporate activities and learning experiences that strengthen young people’s attitudes and actions toward God, family, country and community.  Ultimately, the aim of the BSA program has been and continues to remain the same – to have a positive and robust influence on the character, citizenship, and physical fitness of youth who participate.  Adult leaders who have a planned Scouting unit program and use BSA methods such as ideals of Scouting, use of the patrol method, community service, outdoor programs, leadership development, advancements, association with adults, and personal growth.  The council program planning is your tool in developing our boys and girls into men and women.  The first 12 months of the calendar activities are set but the last 6 months could change in the next version.

The objective of Scouting, therefore, is to promote positive youth development that has a lasting impact on youth into young adulthood and throughout their life.  This lasting influence – enhancing youth’s leadership, ethics, decision making relationships and person development.

We look forward to a fun and meaningful Scouting program for 2022-23!